The Salt Lake Shopping Center is privately owned and has been developed to provide the general public with a modern, clean, comfortable and safe place in which to shop.

The Center recognizes that from time to time various groups/organizations may desire the use of appropriate places in the mall area for activities, which they deem to be of community interest. To accommodate such groups/organizations in this manner and to an extent consonant with the primary commercial purpose of the Shopping Center, the Shopping Center will designate a specific area or areas of the mall which will be available on a “first come, first serve” basis. The Center, however, does not approve/allow any religious or political interest.

It is understood and agreed that the organization and person authorized to sign this Application will be responsible for the following:

1. That your organization maintains the cleanliness of the area used.

2. That your organization will not restrict the flow to traffic (pedestrian or vehicular) on said property. If fundraising in front of Safeway, only approach customers existing.

3. That your organization will indemnify and hold harmless Salt Lake Shopping Center’s owners, employees, agents and merchants from and against any and all liabilities, suits, claims, damages, injuries and actions, costs and expenses of any kind or nature of anyone whatsoever relating to the subject premises due to or arising out of any act of negligence on the part of your organization or its employees, members, guests, servants, agents or invitees.

4. Your organization is required to carry insurance in the following amounts: (You may want to forward a copy of this section to your insurance agent)

• Public Liability $1,000,000
• Property Damage $300,000
• Additional insured’s should be added as follows:
   - Bradley Shopping Center Company (Owner)
   - Chaney Brooks & Company, LLC, dba Cushman & Wakefield ChaneyBrooks (Property Managing Agent)
   - RFRI Properties LLC (Land Lessor)
   - Salt Lake Shopping Center Merchants Association

• Certificate Holder and mailing address:
   Salt Lake Shopping Center
   98-029 Hekaha Street, #5-28
   Aiea, Hawaii 96701

It is further agreed that permission to be on said property may be withdrawn by the owners/property manager or their duly authorized agent at any time without prior notice.

5. An Application for Permission form must be fully completed and submitted with the above requirements. You may download the form (Acrobat Reader required) or call 808-735-8822.